A guy who has extreme road rage but only to drivers who do not obey traffic laws. He is the type of person who always says he will buy a bat and follow home the idiot who ran a red light, passed him on a one way street, or is did not use their blinker and follow them home to smash their car with the bat. Arnold is also a guy who rage quits games if he knows his shitty team is going to lose, then quickly realizes he is on probation because he quit in the middle of the game.
God damn it arnold smashed that guys car with a bat because he passed him up on a one way street.
by bobbiewasabi July 07, 2017
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The best person out there. He’s one of a kind and usually very sexy, strong, and has tattoos. He has a heart of gold and will do anything for the woman he loves. He’s loyal and someone you can count on for anything
Be like Arnold
by Actually accurate April 13, 2020
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An ugly guy with sometimes curly hair, likes to cheat on women and hate girls named karen, Alicia, jennifer, and caroline. Likes girls named genesis,vannesa,alejandra. He would get creeped out when you look at him and if he smiles at you it doesn't mean he likes you, he's just smiling at someone else. And tries hard in school and will eventually pass and graduate.
Hey look it's arnold
I heard he hates jennifer
by Anonymous_chick1234$ May 05, 2017
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A fucking loser that everyone hates even his parents. Usually seen as a disappointment because his younger brother probably named Todd or Kevin is such a righteous dude. Arnolds can’t seem to do anything right and always find a way to fuck it up.
Arnold: Guys, there’s something wrong with my arm, it’s not supposed to bend that way.

Literally erveryone else: Shut the fuck up Arnold, you piece of shit loser, go back to your shitty apartment and job at fucking Rite-Aid.
by smallfry7000 December 15, 2018
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An old man that works in an office and spends all day telling his co-workers about all the jobs he has had in his life and somehow revolving life stories around those jobs
Old man: Oh, when I was younger I used to have lots of girlfriends. That was back when I worked for that oil company

Co-worker: Gosh he's being such an Arnold

Old man: I remember when I bought my first car. It was when I worked for that newspaper business. I am a screen printer by trade you know!

Co-worker: I'm sick of it. He thinks he has done everything in life. He's nothing but an Arnold
by friendlyfred818 January 13, 2010
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Very hot muscly man that uses a lot of baby oil. We all know that you have looked at his big juicy pex By Big G :)
Arnold is as hot as the sun
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