When you smack some one in the face with a lunch box
Man did you see that fight at lunch that kid got Granted
by you just got granted February 13, 2015
Jail Conversation...

Girl, "Just because your in a pissy ass mood that don't mean you can take it out on me."

Guy, "But baby your the only one that will answer the phone."

Girl, "Granted"
by ASOUP January 22, 2009
Drinking like a hero before leaving the pre-drinks but only lasting 10 minutes in the club before seeing your lunch for the second time that day. Synonymous with getting absolutely fucked.
"My test went badly today" said Billy.
"Lets get you Granted tonight." said Milly.
by LordBillyMilly September 5, 2018
Genies Inc. word for "Bet"- When someone confirms or seals the deal on something
You going to the game tonight? Granted 😎💯✔️
by Genies December 19, 2018
What happens when a person has a scary experience with psychedelic drugs and is never the same again.
Wow he is hugging a pillow and hiding in the corner, shit I think he's Granted. He'll never be the same again.
by God8acid March 31, 2022
Grant is the kind of guy that seems shy and quiet, but when you get to know him, he's loud and outgoing. He's funny and charming. Grant is a great friend, he's supportive, funny, crazy, sweet and awesome.
"Do you know Grant?"
"Grant? Oh that guy, he's really quiet."
"You're joking!"
"Um.. No I'm not."
"He is the loudest person I know."
by that_one_chicken October 25, 2013
A skinwalker who is often followed around by a small man. He lacks in physical strength but makes up for it with his immense speed reaching up to 150mph.
Friend 1: That guy just consumed the flesh of an elderly woman
Friend 2: Grant moment