Adapted for living in trees. Examples inculde monkeys, squirrels, and certain species of parrot. Compare to terrestrial.
Evolution has produced many forms of life that are arboreal by nature.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
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Super cool and large peater bone and hot
Guy 1:steals your girl
guy 2:What a Arbor
guy 3:Nuts at Arbor
by Bigdogslurps February 24, 2022
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An Arbor is a little crybaby bitch who can't handle the reality of dying in a video game. Also laughs like a chicken with their wings cut off. Also, also sounds like a 6 year old 350 pound monster.
Guy 2: Bruh, stop being such an Arbor.
Guy 3: *hyperventilates*
by nubcek June 29, 2018
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Johnny Depp made love to a tree, and therefore, is arborous.
by GaucheProductions October 13, 2011
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Marijuna. Trees = arbor = pot
Man 1: I heard your looking to buy?
Man 2: Yeah I need a dub of arbor.
Man 1: Word.
by pattyblades April 4, 2008
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Act of working with trees under the table to maximize milking the government of all the free benefits possible .
by Tskyfox6969 November 4, 2018
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A golden vintage of wine from the Arbor, rich and fruity

Considered to be one of the finest, expensive and highly sought after wines in all of Westeros.

Heavily restricted by climate and location; House Redwyne takes most of its' revenues from the global export of wine, the most profitable of which is Arbor Gold.
"Sup Dawg! Here, have a Bud!"

"Naw man, I'm celebrating tonight- here have a pull off my flagon of Arbor Gold."

"Man, that's bad ass- your next tumble with Roz is on me!"

by sixthirtytwo January 16, 2012
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