australian, n; a large bottle ( 2L to 4L ) of wine, usually cheap.
Aww mate, you had 3 flagons last night? Can it really be done?
by herbie August 25, 2004
Irish: a 2 litre bottle of cider
ah sean could go in and get us 3 flagons
by seanibalfe September 24, 2008
Flag+wagon=flagon. Any large American made vehicle festooned with multiple US flags or other patriotica.
Mom drove us to the movies in the flagon, how embarassing.
by Taco Flavored Keeses June 23, 2004
An old term for a cup with poison inside.
The baron was slipped the dragon flagon, while at the feast.
by I, Wreckerrr November 7, 2016
A person who is beyond the standard "cup or "pint' o douche, but falls slightly short of a "bucket" of douche therefore qualifies as a Douche Flagon.
Joe- Dude, that guys a cup o' douche.
Bob- No he's a douche bucket
Jim- Wrong on both accounts guys, he is a Douche Flagon
by h@tch November 3, 2012
A large bag of alcohol (typically wine), generally very cheap, rancid on the palate and housed (temporarily) in a box. Typically a lower socio-economic choice of beverage.

Often followed by violence upon or by the person consuming said flagon.

NB: Flagon can be inflated post-consumption to provide a pillow. Nice.
"Hey Morton you dardy mutt, come aroun' to our place and bring a flagon of woobla. Der's a party happening tonight"
by Scott84Perth April 1, 2016
A sizeable vagina that often froths itself a foamy head similar to that on a large flagon of ale.
My wife went on a run yesterday, before she got in the shower she had a right gammon flagon.
by DumbledoreFartsSoMuchCum April 29, 2019