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The overlapping gut on a morbidly obese person. To be a true apron it must cover no less than 40% of the genitals. The lower the apron, the greater the obesity. Apronage
Did you see the apron on that enormo? It was a real knee-banger!
by Scandanavian746 June 09, 2010
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apron - a sagging, hanging flap of gut often seen in older ladies who have long since lost the weight of their youthful pregnancies, but also their elasticity. The result is a flap of flesh, sometimes slightly hanging over their upper pubic region/ gunt Often a haven of foul body odor.
" During her weekly shower, aunt Ruth lifted her apron to wash, and the smell peeled paint off the wall"
by ziffstation April 16, 2004
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A green lap-cloth that Mormons don during the Temple Ceremony. It should be representative of the apron Adam and Eve put on themselves after they disobeyed God. It is green. Even though God told them to take off their aprons, and He gave them clothing made out of animal skins, Mormons keep "The Apron of Disobedience" on when they go through the Veil into the Celestial Kingdom. A constant reminder through all the eternities, of their primal disobedience against God's word, their fall from grace, and their shame over their own nakedness.
Brethren and sisters, put on your aprons.

We are instructed to clothe you in the Robes of the Holy Priesthood. Place the robe on your left shoulder. Place the cap on your head with the bow over the right ear, replace the apron, tie the girdle with the bow on the right side, remove the slippers from your feet, and put them in again as part of the temple clothing. You may now proceed to clothe.
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The paved portion of a racetrack on the extreme inside. Analogous to a highway shoulder, the apron often flattens out considerably -- a marked transition from the banking of the actual racing grooves. Daring or desperate drivers sometimes use the apron to pass, or to compensate for a tight condition in their racecars and get them to turn. However, the abrupt transition of the apron can also snap a car loose and force a spin.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., has spun coming out of turn four. A tire might have gone down, or else he went so low onto the apron, he snapped loose.
by wordguy2 April 27, 2010
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Hey apron ! Bring me a shot of scotch and a cold beer chaser. I had a hard day at work today !!!
by William Warney December 13, 2010
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like a superman, but instead of throwing the sheet on the girl's back, you throw it on her chest
i came all over her chest, threw the sheet on her and gave her an apron
by rahawan April 26, 2008
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