The part of the body where the chin meets the neck.
*pinches neck* I got your girdle! (Guarantees a laugh every time!)
by KristenE_H September 29, 2005
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Another (slang) way of saying "girl".
is that girdle really a girdle or a guy, she looks like a guy... seriously. throw a rock at her to check.
by Liquid K9 December 7, 2004
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Taking a girdle, and by surprise throw it on top of the persons head in attempt to suffocate them by means of defecation
by Nick Sanders February 11, 2013
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Must be rustically stained yellow to look aged,toilet paper hanging out,crotchless,distinct smell of fish and urine mixed in with car air freshner or possibly cheap end of line body spray from all good pound shops.
"my girdle is not dirty,It was yellow when I got it."

"I dropped my mug of tea on myself while I was snoring and the girdle got the brunt of it."
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A group of more than one girl sporting
a gunt.
I saw a gaggle of geese fly overhead just before I went in the dive bar and saw a girdle of gunts.
by M January 18, 2004
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An outfit that makes one look like a nerd. Typically worn by an unusual or awkward female. One might wear this thinking they look good, when in reality, they in fact make themselves seem more nerd-like.
Did you see that nerd girdle Tina was wearing??
by JimboSillyPants July 20, 2010
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Wrapping some poor fuck up in duct tape such that his or her otherwise sagging belly is temporarily sucked in
Remember that time Court gave Sally a plumber's girdle?
by Hot Digity August 21, 2018
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