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grool = girl drool. Grool is not squirting. It is the lube that women produce when they are sexually aroused. Some girls have clear grool and some girls have creamy grool.
When I was riding him, I was so wet that my grool was running down his cock and dripping off his balls.
by thegrool January 20, 2010
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You can tell by the way she walks, she got that WAP.

You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
by Black Don August 06, 2020
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is a combination of great and cool.
person one: Hey there is a party this friday, are you coming?
person two: ya totally
person one: Grool!!!!!!
by Ivanahumpalat November 14, 2005
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Great + Cool = Grool simple and effective
person1: Why don't we go to that party?
person2: That'd be grool
by Nabilah August 05, 2007
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something that is cool,and that is also great
''that car is so grool''
by Mrs.B.ferdinand-spears March 10, 2005
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A word in mean girls That means great and cool mixed together.
Boy: "I can tutor you after school tomorrow if your free?"
Girl: "Grool!"
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by Hi :))))) November 30, 2016
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