The collective body of priests.
The Priesthood is a total lie! A Catholic "Father" is NOT a father; he is celibate! A Mormon "Elder" is NOT an elder, he is like 18-20 years old! How Aaronic.
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian January 11, 2007
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A male member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) who fits the stereo-type of the goody-goody Mormon (i.e. devoted to the Church standards). See also "Molly Mormon." Can be used both positively or negatively.
Jimmy is such a Peter Priesthood. He get's his home teaching done on the first of every month!
by HollyVanGogh July 28, 2005
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Catholic Priesthood is the place religious people and sexual deviants meet and are locked together in close quarters to learn the fine art of child molestation "AKA Kid Diddlers" its all sanctioned by the Catholic church.

Legalized brainwashing that is a tradition in this fine religious organization.

If you are a child molester, you too have a future as a Catholic priest! Don't worry .... you will be forgiven for all your sins (plus the standard $20.00 fee) or three sins for only $50.00 ... buy in quantity and save!!!
Joe: Did you see the news story about the cult of Catholic Priesthood child molesters?

Max: Yup .... Holy Molesters in the making!
by Get real, Ya All!!! June 23, 2009
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