Mexican restuarunt chain that must put crack in their burritos because everyone who eats there seems to be addicted to it.
What do you want for dinner tonight?
Let's go to Qdoba!
We just went there for lunch!
by Brown_Kid July 22, 2006
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After reading how great Qdoba was in the Urban Dictionary, me and all my friends went for overpriced beans and rice at our local branch.
by Sierra Nolan August 21, 2005
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An awesome Mexican fast-food restaurant. Everything is extremely fresh, and you monitor the making of your food, and decide what goes in or out. They have good burritos, tacos, quesadillas, nachos, tortilla soup, and taco salad.
I eat Qdoba whenever I get the chance to. Unfortunately, I don't get many chances to.
by H0useMaster July 24, 2005
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When the line at Chipotle is too long, so you go to Qdoba instead.
Man, this line is so long. You wanna Alt Qdoba?
by stuperer November 5, 2011
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QDOBA stands for queer dudes on bouncy ass
by Dragons Breath May 12, 2022
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