To test ones mental strength, to see if one can perform under a certain amount of stress.
I’m not stopping until I apply pressure to every last one of these Cats on this battle rap shit !
by Jay1900 March 7, 2018
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To overcome obstacles and excel with finesse at any given task due to an individual’s brute will power. 💪🏽 often at the expense of lost sleep, occasionally lost friendships, and less free time.
Damn homebody, how you wheelie the bike so nice!? you really applying pressure!

They think they can hold Mike back in Calculus, but I promise you, he gon apply pressure.
by Kwamzz August 7, 2018
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Apply Pressure to the Wound is a word used in a minor sense by protesters and political activists. It is generally used in a country where they are protesting one of its allies or trade partners behaviours - for example, Australia to China, or Canada to the United States.
Protester: Apply Pressure to the Wound!
Politician: Ah screw 'em, where's 'at coal lobbyist who's been bribin' me?
by The Butt Dictionary July 31, 2020
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Im tryna fuck/ I’m trying to get with you
Next time I see u ima apply that pressure”
by August 13, 2022
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