17 definitions by Gretchen

one that kicks chickens. one that also kicks one self. A person that thinks he or she is very smart.
by Gretchen February 2, 2005
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a person u comes in the middle of the nite with a plunger and steals ur turds out of ur toilet
YOur such a turd burglar
by Gretchen August 31, 2003
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1. Why has it taken us so long to do this? Lets do it now!
Man, we have been together forever, lets just get married and do the damn thang.
by Gretchen March 26, 2003
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A wannabe loser who is so desperate to fit in and is soo ugly, that you go total Texas Chainsaw Massacre on. He does things that make him look "cool" (when he really looks like an asshole) to impress everybody and show of his "talents" (which he doesn't have). Gets made fun of A LOT, mostly by nerds, losers, sensitive wusses and science geeks. See Anthony Brito
Regina: Yo, Anthony Beito is such a fugly asshole.

Liana: I know, what a pathetic show-off
by Gretchen May 29, 2004
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when a nerd is coming ur way!
nerd alert
by Gretchen August 31, 2003
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