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Tits, Tushy, and Thighs: the ideal woman's body possesses each of these in a good shape and size.
Guy 1: "Yo I just scored with the hottest chick in the club last night, bro. You should see her. I bet you'll be jealous."
Guy 2: "That's cool and all but does she have the 3 T's?"
Guy 1: "I mean... I guess she has 2 out of the 3 T's."
Guy 2: "Then your claim is invalid."
by Fresh Timbs July 23, 2019
A way of showing disappointment or disbelief in someone, or pointing out someone's stupidity or nastiness; another way of saying "Are you serious?" or "You not deadass right now".
Person 1: "Yooooooo lemme tell you! My cousin finally let me smash bruh!"
Person 2: "So this what we doing now?"
by Fresh Timbs November 2, 2018
The art in behaving like a spic nigga.
“You saw that big ass fiesta on the spanish side of the hood?”
“Yeah I pulled up to it earlier with Miguel. Whole lotta spiggatry at work. They food mad good though.”
by Fresh Timbs November 7, 2017
A term that originated in New York that is used to agree with something, someone, or a statement. It can also be used to point out something as being factual.
"Yo deadass nigga if anyone scuffs my timbs they finna get stomped on bruh."
"Yo that's facts my guy."
by Fresh Timbs November 5, 2017
Another way of saying "I need a favor" or "I need to borrow something".
Person 1: "Hey, it's been a while. How are you?"
Person 2: "What do you want from me this time?"
by Fresh Timbs November 11, 2018
The worst insult anyone can ever tell you.
"You ugly, you your daddy's son"
"Well, you smell like dead memes"
by Fresh Timbs July 25, 2018
A woman who possesses great beauty.
1. "Look at that girl over there bruh. Look at her curves though."
"Yeah, she's an Aphrodite."

2. "Mmmm, look at all these fine Aphrodites in here. I feel truly blessed."
by Fresh Timbs May 2, 2018