A characteristic of an absolute ruler; expecting unquestioned obedience.
President Trump was dictatorial in his approach to build a wall to keep the Mexicans out.
by scienceiscool January 20, 2018
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Any individual that works as a supervisor, manager or authority figure whose power has gone straight to their head and do their utmost to make life miserable for the people that unfortunately have to work with them . A dictatorial cocksucker is an unreasonable disciplinarian who has no control over their lives and no authority at home because they have 3 children with a domineering woman and have to transfer their aggression/frustration on their co-workers. Most often they are balding, male hypogonaldal petty and ignorant. Can also be used to describe law enforcement dependant on the situation.
Dammit Guillermo is such a dictatorial cocksucker , he gave me my second reprimand this month for being 3 minutes late for my shift!
by Foebane August 24, 2016
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