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Opposes fascism, Nazism, supremacism, and authoritarianism.

Real life anti-fascists include the Allies, the Resistance movements, and the Righteous Among the Nations in World War II. Fictional anti-fascists include the Rebel Alliance, the Inglourious Basterds, and Captain America.
If the other side is fascist, we're all anti-fascist now.
by TheAllies February 23, 2017
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The current state of feminism which is also not feminism; largely consists of hating men
Becky: OMG Karen I just joined that new Anti-Fascist-Meninism group on Facebook
Karen: You go girllllllllllll fuck the patriarchy amirite
by Sukov Blyatovich February 14, 2021
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An Anti-Gun fascist is person who is anti gun and will advocate or even vote to infring on individual rights. This is often to the point of wanting to turn 100 million Americans into criminals and send armed men to kill or kidnap them over political differences if they do not comply with their tyrannical form of fascism.
by Wvuman89 March 5, 2021
Anti-lenin anti-worker bourgeois fascist imperialist is the standard appellation of most internet leftists. This was originally coined by the infamous gracchus babeuf.
Typical internet leftist: I just got called anti-lenin anti-worker bourgeois fascist imperialist :(
by lolzski June 11, 2012
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