The act of sitting on facebook every night seeking refuge and sympathy by girls you dont even know.

Generally, the individual is typically tanned and wears a nappy.

Also custom that the user has a photos folder named 'ME' !!
Status examples:

"Anth is lonely tonight, and wants?"

"Anth is wondering where his life is going"

"Anth is unsure"

Fucking hell, that tanned perv is anthing !!!!
by TBS Masssssive December 9, 2008
Someone that tells long stories and terrible jokes
that was funny anth?
by rhino337 December 20, 2011
A shortened for of the word anthem. Generally used to describe and great song usually heard at a live gig/club or even at home or in the car.
by DasWunderkind November 17, 2009
Anthe only comes out in the spring...
by Anthe August 15, 2006
A nickname for one named anthony, typically to label them as a douchebag or a complete tool. Usually makes people shit their pants or have it smeared somewhere on their legs/butt because of how legendary he is.
Anth-Dawg completely cock blocked my noodle monger last night homie.

Anth-Dawg makes people shit their pants and have it smeared on their legs.
by Nance&DaBoyz May 3, 2011
short for anthony-great footballer plays six aside football. with some of the best people he noes james anth josh richi and rhyan. a realy good person. well nown by all the girls and loved by every1. hardly ever lets you down can be the coolest person any1 noes. he always care for his friends. all ways trys to be there for you wenu need him most thats anthony
anth-james u ok for a game of football later

james-yeah yeah mate what time

anth-i go wen u come down mine lol
by killa1234 September 9, 2010