Is a most interesting girl you will ever meet she will steal your heart away in a heartbeat she can be a bit aggressive at times but she is good in the heart you should got out with such a girl with a great brackground such as her's
Blossom, you are awesome!!!!
by 112233one twothree December 22, 2016
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Blossom is an amazing person. She is so pretty and will always be by your side! She has the most gorgeous hair and has a stunning body. She loves animals. She is extremely caring and understanding, she’s very active and great at sports!

If you know a blossom, keep her in your life. She’s worth it
Blossom is my best friend, she’s so fit
by Floella112x October 16, 2019
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Blossom is the definition of perfection. With a face as gorgeous as the stars and a body as hot as the sun you can't move passed her without noticing. She's a friend you would die to have. Extremely caring to the ones that truly matter. Making her family proud is definitely her number one priority. She's God fearing,smart, open minded,funny in a weird way with a personality that stands out. She's not afraid to tell the truth and defends what she believes in firmly. She loves love and yearns to find her perfect match as she struggles with trust issues. She gives the best advice but never actually applies them to her own affairs. Lets not forget everyone envies her bomb sense of style. She would be a fashion icon in a couple of years.

As a girlfriend she's the total package. Cute,smart and funny. She's not exactly romantic but tries to be when with the right person plus she's a terrific kisser. She can be extremely fun when you trigger that side of her.
John: woah! Who's that ?
Ryan: that's blossom man, She's the total package.
by Youknowiknow May 9, 2018
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A confident girl with sexy hair . Loves to dance and play around. Knows how to cheer people up blossom keeps all of her friends close and works hard to keep them happy. A very protective girl who would stick up for anyone. If you have a blossom keep her because you won’t regret keeping a beautiful pretty stunning sporty fit flexible girl.
Keep Blossom in your life she will never let you down
by Blossomxoxo August 6, 2018
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The result of one's anus after many a object has vigorously and continually penetrated it. This leads to an anal prolapse, being the falling out of the rectum from ones arsehole. The image of this is similar to that of a flower blossoming
Your mother's arsehole has been abused and penetrated so hard that it has begun to blossom
by Ricardo Del Toro May 30, 2007
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When a young girl becomes a women develops breast's grow's hair longer firms up her butt and start's her period.
Craig : Wow that Kiersten is so damn hot just how do you get to fuck that?
Chad : Well ive known her for quite some time see I used to fuck her mom so I got to watch Kiersten Blossom into the hot young babe she is today.
Craig : So you was just fucking her mom until Kiersten got old enough to fuck?
Chad: You bet but damn her mom was amazing in bed as well!
Craig : So is her mom still single?
Chad : No cause I still fuck her when Kiersten is on her period!
Craig : Nice!
by SlopNChop February 12, 2017
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The most beautiful stunning girl to ever exist. She is the best friend you will ever have. She has long beautiful hair and loves to dance. She is so kind and nice to everyone she meets
Blossom is a beautiful girl who will never let you down
by blossomxxx January 3, 2019
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