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The anus. Said with a strong "OOO" sound in place of the "uh" sound.
Gary's anoose is loose as a goose.

Gary's anoose has been wrecked by Rob, Sean, Jason, Chris, Vas, Josh, Scotty, and Adam.

That anoose is sugarmuffins good.
by skeetachya February 03, 2010
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Another way of pronouncing anus popularized by the 2006 comedy 'Borat'
"Although my anoose was broken, I was sure the rest of my trip would be a great success..."-Borat, 2006.
by Atomic Reptilia February 16, 2017
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The rectum; bottom portion of your ass, aka the asshole. Bastardization of 'anus'.
My anoose is having a very difficult time excreting the shit out of my colon.
by AL August 13, 2003
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another term for your asshole; often mixed up with the item used to hang yourself
I have to shit so bad my a noose is about to explode.
by hold up and hold my johnny February 06, 2018
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A anus that is so rancid that one would consider hanging oneself after being exposed to it.
I was planning on returning the favor when I got a whiff of that anoose.
by SwankeyDankey May 07, 2018
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