(noun, proper name): A sleazy,lying, anorexic, pin-legged, right-wing alcoholic twinkie ho who subsists entirely on a diet of cigarettes and Chardonnay.
The only thing I could find to wipe my butt with out in the woods was a discarded one-by-twelve inch autographed photo of Ann Coulter.
by Vermont Ferret February 10, 2005
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A hateful and arrogant "journalist" who is both vile and libel in her rhetoric and wears the term, "bigot" like a badge of honor. She is one of the most wildly misinformed mouth pieces for the right-wing of America, often advocating violence against world leaders, sexism, and abusing her freedom of speech to spew venom at those she opposes. She is the poster-child of what not having a conscience looks like, and is essentially a skinny female version of Rush Limbaugh. She is an embarrassment to journalists and women everywhere.
Anne Coulter: Wow, did you hear about Gay marriage being legal in eleven states?

Random citizen: Yeah? What about it?
Anne Coulter: Well these animals are ruining the sanctity of marriages everywhere!

Random citizen: Coming from some angry woman who has never been married and looks like Eva Braun, that's saying more about you than gay people.
by Johan The Destroyer May 9, 2013
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Stupid dumbass with little to no facts about anything
Take this for example: On Fifth estate, she said that the Canadian Army sent forces to Vietnam during the Vietnam war (we didn't just to let you know), and argued like a republican dumbass to try and defend her point. Then she insulted the host of Fifth Estate, knowing that she had been proven a dumbass on Canadian TV.
by chrisguy April 12, 2005
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Coulter's Snatch:

We’re involved in a cultural war
The country’s torn apart like never before
And try as I might, I see no end in sight

I search my soul and I roam my heart
And when enlightened know the place to start
Compassion, forgiveness and communication

That would take a bigger person than me
I’m the first to admit it you see
So you ask me what I think

I think Ann Coulter’s got a cunt that stinks
Let’s engage her in debate, let’s make her deny it

Chat on Meet the Press, announce it on Fox
Ann Coulter’s got one stinky box
It wouldn’t take much to get the country to buy it

I used to be disgusted, now I’m pissed
I’m ashamed that it’s come to this

Rush Limbaugh likes to suck pig dick
swine penis for Rush will do the trick
Everybody knows Rumsfeld forces sex with tots
God bless the First Amendment, I’d be sued for libel
George W Bush masturbates to the bible
And Condoleezza likes eating pussy a lot

There are some douches that’ll never fail ya
Lest they come up against Ann’s genitalia

You take the low road, I’ll take the lower road
You’ve met your match
I admit I get a kick out of talking
‘Bout Coulter’s snatch.

You take the low road, I’ll take the lower road
I’ll end the fight
Every time you be looking at Ann you’re thinking
“Something don’t smell right”
by sdkskdfdg February 3, 2009
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1. A Neo-Nazi hell bent on White Supremecy; 2. One of the most uninformed journalists of the 21st century; 3. The Anti-Christ.
Believers in Anne Coulter support racial profiling and ethnic discrimination as viable homeland security tactics.
by Roberto Chavez March 2, 2005
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Anagram given to conceal true nature: Rectal Noun
That pundit is such a total Anne Coulter.
by Albert Hall March 3, 2005
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Anyone who is a GOP spokespig who permanently menstruates and has never made a valid point in all her years on the planet. She has no real job other than "author", which she feels puts her in a unique place to spout off witless ejaculations and make nonsensical claims about politics. In her book, she may claim to be a Libertarian, but still think that America should be the iron fist of the world which is as anti-Libertarian a stance as possible. Basically, an Ann Coulter is an anti-freedom pig who when asked about the idiocies in the Republican Party, will point the finger at a Kennedy either 1000 miles away or 50 years in the past.
Did you see that nasty pig Jane today? She was saying that religious freedom, freedom of speech, and the other things our country was built on should be thrown out! What an Anne Coulter!
by Half February 12, 2005
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