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to have no war or hate in the world. Cannot be accomplished while bush is in power. also cannot be accomplished with racist mutherfuckers bein hateful and all.
canada=peace. Yea!!!!
by chrisguy February 20, 2004
Company that has made lots of crap games lately (with the exception of RE4). Think that churning out Megaman games with no story with get them money.
Capcom is blowing it big time, the only real money they'll make is on RE4
by chrisguy January 31, 2005
relatively small compared to the us, however, they do not require a large military force (we don't plan on invading anyone), as most canadians are smart, hard working ppl that may join the military to help with education fees, honour, etc. Most americans join the US because they are high school drop-outs, or prisoners
canadian army, we don't invade!
by chrisguy February 13, 2004
Console that looks like it will be mad expensive, but looks wicked graphics wise. However, much debate is going on over the footage presented at E3 2005.
PS3 looks way better than the previous varients, and may actually have games that appeal to Nintendo fans and PS3 fans. That coming from a guy who owns a Gamecube and a xbox and has only bought one playstaion (PS1) and took it back because he thought it was a piece of shit.
by chrisguy May 20, 2005
People that are ruining the industry. They believe that they are the high authority on video games and support either xbox or ps2 mainly.
by chrisguy March 7, 2005
when you are fucking a girl/guy and you so happen to slip on her/his sweaty body and slip up her body, ending up with ur dick in a crooked position or u landing falt on ur ass
i never fuck stutter
by chrisguy March 5, 2004
Sequal to conker's bad fur day. Teminator like story with the tedis being the machines and the sqrills (can't spell today :)!) as the humans... is debatable as whether or not it will actually be better than Halo 2
Conker's live and reloaded looks so awesome
by chrisguy September 27, 2004