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Batshit Crazy Warmonger, or BCW. Often inciting wars and encouraging Imperalist behaviour in uneducated leaders.
1. Jesus, my new manager is a total rumsfeld, the CEO listens to everything he says, and the companies tanking.
by Tyson January 27, 2003
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To torture someone; to wipe the ass with U.N. laws, such as the Geneva Conventions.
Those people got rumsfeld even when they may not have been guilty
by Zam May 30, 2004
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v. To back out or resign under mounting scrutiny and/or criticism.
Having been caught in in a compromising situation with the office intern, Johnny Rumsfelded himself out of trouble by taking a job at another company.
by HobieKopek November 09, 2006
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Cocky speaker who makes excessive use of redundancies and nonsensical statements and still comes across as someone who knows his shit.
His words have a peculiar hypnotic quality that after you hear him speak you suddenly feel the irresistible urge of bombing a few arab countries. He is a Rumsfeld.
by Yoova August 24, 2006
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1:evil little man behind the curtain that feeds bananas to the chimp on the Thone.
2:Minister of propaganda for the chimp; Dr. Donald Gerbels.(of the s.s. fame)
3:a weisel who sends young men to die in a unjust war then has a copy machine sign
his signature to the letter of condolance when they become casualties.
One sick little asswipe who was a nazi s.s doctor in his past life. This sicko should be jailed in Abu Ghraib prison and be abused by a large gay men.
by iggy pop April 03, 2005
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a.) The act of comforting small-minded, insecure white Americans by promising war with smaller, weaker countries of a non-white ethnicity.

b.) To remove citizens 200 year old civil rights under the guise of protection from foreign threats. The act of seizing upon a society's fears in order to push through a fascist agenda.
by John Cocktoastin January 30, 2003
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