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Coulter's Snatch:

We’re involved in a cultural war
The country’s torn apart like never before
And try as I might, I see no end in sight

I search my soul and I roam my heart
And when enlightened know the place to start
Compassion, forgiveness and communication

That would take a bigger person than me
I’m the first to admit it you see
So you ask me what I think

I think Ann Coulter’s got a cunt that stinks
Let’s engage her in debate, let’s make her deny it

Chat on Meet the Press, announce it on Fox
Ann Coulter’s got one stinky box
It wouldn’t take much to get the country to buy it

I used to be disgusted, now I’m pissed
I’m ashamed that it’s come to this

Rush Limbaugh likes to suck pig dick
swine penis for Rush will do the trick
Everybody knows Rumsfeld forces sex with tots
God bless the First Amendment, I’d be sued for libel
George W Bush masturbates to the bible
And Condoleezza likes eating pussy a lot

There are some douches that’ll never fail ya
Lest they come up against Ann’s genitalia

You take the low road, I’ll take the lower road
You’ve met your match
I admit I get a kick out of talking
‘Bout Coulter’s snatch.

You take the low road, I’ll take the lower road
I’ll end the fight
Every time you be looking at Ann you’re thinking
“Something don’t smell right”
Anne Coulter's a bitch...
by sdkskdfdg February 03, 2009

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