a property consisting of a large house and extensive grounds.

or ''summer'' in Italian.
OMG he has a freaking huge estate! He's probably rich!
by L v S 94 July 25, 2011
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Notorious UK hood, in the east anglian town of Bedford, where drug dealing, gang banging, car alarms going off and ratty looking kids mouthing off are a daily occurence.
Yeah i gotta go meet dave on the estate, he's hookin me up with a ps2 and an eigth.
by Banj December 20, 2004
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overly exciting, orgasmic, on the verge of emotional eruption, of or pertaining to something that makes one estatic.
Im estaticed to have this red wine!
by KMoney518 March 31, 2010
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A joyful person who really wants to have sex
billy was really estatic before he had sex with molly
by jose and the pussy cats November 13, 2015
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Ideology of rights, Liberty and fight for Mentally and Physically Disabled people and children. The right as a mentally or physically disabled to life and liberty from unfair and ableist order, community or society.
Estatism is the only way for me, an autistic kid to have rights.
by Shermanite January 05, 2016
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Known also by locals as 'The Stead'

1) Council Estate on the outskirts of King's Lynn, Norfolk.
2) Shit Hole
3) Place to visit if you wish to score drugs, alcohol or to be shot
4) Widely considered to be a home from home for London Rejects
1) If you want to get stabbed or catch a Disease; come to Fairstead Estate
by slipper foot May 25, 2011
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the most awsomest post hardcore screamo bandwith the sexiest frontman ryan zimmerman

me: holy shit i got beaten up in the mosh pit for greeley estates

friend: really?!

me: yeah i have so many fucking bruises

friend: aw that sucks

me: yeah but it was worth it
by jamieee July 23, 2006
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