A very cute girl, surrounded by people who like her, mainly into things that people are normally not interested in, has a very interesting personality and an amazing smile, mainly the name of an australian girl, very loveable!
"Damn that australian girl is amazing, that's Anne!"
by Bboy, August 16, 2009
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A goofy chick who will dance on a table just to get some laughs. Her own laugh is infectious. She's the artistic one in the group; and if her camera isn't taking pictures, her bright eyes are. If she's got to be alone, she's being curious and creative -- finding more ideas to entertain a group.
Look at her funny socks -- she's got Anne written all over here.

You're always the Anne of the party!
by bethanitely August 13, 2011
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Anne: a Gorgeous woman who is great at everything she does.
did you see the new Climbing Magazine? That hot cranking babe is such an Anne"
by mtnneer29028 February 04, 2010
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Anne is a loving person. She is a sexy women who can be emotional at times but is always supportive of her friends. Anne is a person who loves to laugh and have fun. She is not shy in the least bit, always energetic, and always having fun. Anne is a person who you can count on to make you feel better, she is the ray of light in a never-ending thunder storm. Anne is a girl who loves photography and always taking pictures of herself and other people. She is very photogenic in her pictures and she never fails to look the best in them all. Anne's are great friends of a Tyler and they are lucky to be friends with Anne. Anne is a girl who you will never forget and is always on your mind. She is the kind of girl that drives you crazy when she's not with you, because you always want to be with her.
Anne is a friend of Tyler, she is very fun to be around.
by yarghhhh January 08, 2011
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Beautiful lady even as a gilr
She is always caring for others,battling sadness to make other people very happy
She brings joy to everyone
One can easily define her as a heart wammer and the cup coffee we all.need
Your such an Anne
by King.anne June 08, 2018
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1)Vivacious, lively, wild.
2) Holds an audience in her clutches with her emphatic gestures, storytelling and sassiness.
What an Anne.

No one can do can do it like an Anne can.
by hee hee.. gotcha back February 04, 2010
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Anné is someone who lives life to the fullest, she is always up for an adventure and loves to do new exciting things. She is absolutely gorgeous on the inside and outside. Anné is the best friend someone could ask for, she would do anything for someone she cares for and always has their back. She has a spark about her, everything just lights up when she is around. Her smile is the most contagious one you will ever see. Anné can be silly from time to time but also knows when to be serious about life. She is someone you want to be around from sunrise to sunset. Anné can also be quite stubborn and doesn’t always open up to people, but once she does she really has a soft spot for that person. If you ever get an Anné in a relationship don’t let her go, she would do anything for her other half and once she gets attached to someone she is in it for the long run. She is one of the most special people you will ever meet.
Anné is a one in a million type of girl
by Anonymous9132 August 28, 2019
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