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You'll surely get trapped inside the countless lovely things that the name Anne brings. Clearly a smart but sexy, there but not there type of girl. Someone who listens to her drunk bestfriend at the middle of the night and would still find a way to make HIM feel safe with her soft words. Someone who brings life to a group every single day. Trust me. Friendly as always. Anne is clearly a girl who would take her flaws and turn them to gifts and would still have the strength to show them to the world. And the great thing about the name Anne is that everyday,there are even more reasons of why to love her rushing in. It could be the way she talks, walks, laughs and even the way she eats:) There aren't enough reasons to hate this person. So for every Anne out there reading this, i just wanted to let you all know how lucky we are to even have someone like you. Especially me.
by ninja23sfriend December 18, 2010

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