An illogical person who normally tries to pass off emotionally biased decisions as logical ones. Someone who can't be reasoned with.
Don't even try to talk to her man. She won't get it. She is such an Anne.
by oblatedelamei87 August 05, 2016
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Noun(n) : An expression for small, cute, ali ali hot and more like awesome Girl. Also can be used instead of Nakkali, rautey and so on...
OOOOOOOOOO.. Check her out, she is so Anne.
by Shanks010 July 08, 2019
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One of the nicest people you'll meet and sometimes a little too nice but shy at the same time. He's really tall and is frequently asked about his height.
Hes so tall . Omg! He looks like an Annes .
by adel579 March 14, 2017
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She's a very smart,cute and jealous girl. She has a very nice smile and so sexy. She is also a very loving girl and the highest dose of love portion you can take. Beware, once you fall in love with an Anne there's no going back cause there is no way out. She can also be an asshole sometimes but her smile is fire and gives hope when there is no hope at all.
by Oscar white February 12, 2020
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From Anne of Green Gables. Coined in this usage by Twitter user @Kjl190

The opposite of a Karen.

A completely unproblematic, sweetheart of a white woman who would only ask to see your manager to suggest they give you a break or a promotion.

See also: Sweet Anne, Darling Anne
Person 1: I heard you weren't feeling so good, so I made you some brownies.

Person 2: Thank you, Sweet Anne.


Person 1: Have you met Sheila?

Person 2: Awww yeah, she's such an Anne!
by TheLockedown April 28, 2020
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A cute fat bitch. You can fuck her all night. She is also so sweet
I wish i had an anne tonight.
by Bobby the banana April 13, 2017
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A bitch that talk a lot but will lose a fight in a heartbeat she will run up on you and lose she is most of the the time ugly and she always has a group a friends
by Mighty girl June 05, 2019
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