A blur pretty girl that makes her guy happy and she is from genson.
You must meet this girl, she is Anne.
by gboy93 May 24, 2011
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super nice person. usually has honey-colored hair.
anne is super nice, i really like her. she has this awesome honey-colored hair and everyone likes her. she knows how to live her life.
by The-real-cobra-queen September 08, 2019
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Anne is basically a person full of badassity, jungus, and probably flaming hot cheetos. She is someone who can get along with anyone as long as their not a complete schmuck. She will kick some ass if she needs to! Just.....don't fuck with Anne.
Jim: Dude, who is that?
Jon: That's Anne! She just got done eating a bag of cheetos and now she's pissed cuz she's out of cheetos!! So stay away from her until she cools off or she'll probably kick your ass!!
by RJRB the badass February 11, 2017
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She’s annoying.... very annoying
by Liver_ez February 14, 2018
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Anne is a girl who is positive and is always there for others. She is always herself and is very funny. You will understand why when you meet her.
Anne is positive funny meaning she has a bright outlook towards life challenges
by Girl_is_me November 30, 2018
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she is the most hardworking and beautiful girl , as a busy ant or bee. I am so lucky to have you and I'm proud of you ❤️. let all bad guys away from you ,Live happily always and forever . I'll stand by your side and protect you, until my dying day . I wish comes what may sunshines keep your fear and sorrow away.
via giphy
by 1one August 21, 2020
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Anne is a sweet innocent person. She likes getting in shape and loves working out. Also enjoys hanging out with friends. No one want to cross Anne because she will beat you up hard core. If you have an Anne in your life never let her go. She is precious in every way possible. She will be there for you in the times of need. Anne is a very beautiful person inside and out. She is AMAZING! Never let her out of your sight.
Guy 1: Oh you see her! She’s so hot!
Guy 2: Y’a that’s Anne you ain’t got a chance.
by ThiccccButtttt65 March 01, 2020
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