Person A: have you ever met a perfect person?
Person B: omg there’s one reading this right now!
by meanbeanaileen June 22, 2019
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A perfect person is somebody who gets on Urban Dictionary and insults others on Urban Dictionary who look up things such as "emo", "scene", "prep", etc.

These people choose to write very biased definitions that should simply not be taken under any consideration whatsoever.

They listen to plain boring music. A small mix, really. Bands that almost everybody likes. They wear plain clothing, have average hair, live in an average house, etc. They're boring and love to insult others' style.

Also, if there's a definition that they don't agree with, they put a thumbs down.
"I hate emo people. Since I'm a perfect person, I'm going to go write retarded definitions because I have nothing wrong with me."
by B Drizzle Bitches August 28, 2009
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someone who is sweet, caring, there for you, beautiful both inside and out, smart, brave, and just pure amazing. They seem like an angel sent from above but thats just who they are. they may make a few mistakes but they own up to them and take responsibility. they are perfect
"Hey you know Fred?"
"Yeah what about him"
"He's always so nice and sweet and just a down right genuine guy"
"Ya, hes a Perfect Person"
by qwerty13! May 18, 2018
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A person/fictional character that isn't Lux from League of Legends, one can never be perfect
Lux from League of Legends is not a real person, nor is she a perfect person
by This will never happen May 19, 2017
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Oh sorry, that couldn’t be found cause no one is perfect!
“Hey have you seen that one perfect person?”
“No what do they look like?”
Idk they don’t exist.”
by Thiccestwhitegirlyouwilleverse December 19, 2019
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The most perfect person is Tarkov, also known as Luka’s pretty boy. They’re amazing, adorable, and so much more.
“Do you know the most perfect person?”
“Yeah! His name is Tarkov. They’re really cute, too!”
by Ɛ>luka<3 December 16, 2022
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