A 13-19 year old male who, according to society, is good for nothing more than smoking marijuana, playing video games, getting girls pregnant, and causing all of societies problems, even the ones they have nothing to do with. According to most people, they are so stupid they have trouble counting to ten with their fingers and fail at everything miserably. According to society, they are useless shits that get worse until they hit age 25, at which point they magically turn into a completely different person.
Person 1: What about that politcal corruption, eh?
Person 2: Damn teenage boys are behind it all... somehow.
by ML waz here October 14, 2010
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Male of the species 13-?(it is greatly unknown until at what age a guy grows out of his instincts of pubescent idiocy). Often identified by moronic immature actions, obscenity , hormones so thick in their blood you can practically smell them, and obliviousness to the world around him.
The other day I watched 3 teenage boys in a shopping cart racing down a dirt hill, they crashed at the bottem.

They still color on the faces in our textboooks. That should've started and ended in 5th grade.

Guys just can't seem to take a hint! would it kill them to pay attention once and a while. The report was due yesterday, we have homework tonight, I smiled, I flipped my hair, I wore your favorite color today, and all you can pay attention to is that racy picture of Megan Fox on your binder.
by TeenageGirl August 7, 2009
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Males age 13-? (the year at which a male out grows his immaturity is yet to be defined). They know what they want because what they want will last forever. some have their lives planned out, but others know it will never happen the way it should. they love to attempt to get some, pretend they are the "bomb diggity", try new things, and do what their friends tell them to no matter how it will make them look or long term consequences.
Connor is a teenage boy, so he has to know who he will have a child with and then marry.
by failingXD93 June 27, 2010
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Peaking in his high school years, the teenage boy is ultimately very stupid and oblivious. They play with girls hearts and don’t give a fuck about anyone else. They will lead you on and act like they like you until someone prettier comes along, then they will pretend they never talked to you. They also only care about how girls look, and only become interested in you when they think you look pretty. They cause a lot of trauma to teenage girls who now don’t think they’re good enough even though it was actually just the boy being a jerk.
The teenage boy was oblivious to the sweet girl who obviously liked him, and instead decided to hit on a supermodel.
by aGIRLidfc September 26, 2018
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(Derogatory) A highly offensive term used to refer to a male (typically a teenager), who is one or more of the following: extremely disrespectful, inconsiderate, loud, annoying, edgy, racist, homophobic, sexist misogynist, etc.

A teenage boy will often (but not always) do one of the following: hang out in groups of other teenage boys, have fun at the expense of others, snicker to each other while looking at you, make messes that minimum wage workers will be forced to clean, say things that are offensive to get a reaction then say "it's just a joke" then act like you're in the wrong because you reacted to their offensive statement
by poopoounicorns123456 April 27, 2022
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perverts obesessed w video games, sex, and beef jerky
teenage boy
by sofandzoe April 14, 2009
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