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While having sex and the man is on the top and the women. She decides to dig her nails into your back, starting from the shoulders, and drags them down to your ass. creating claw marks which oddly resemble angel wings.
Last night i was totally railing this chick and she gave me a nice set of angel wings.
by Avo Nazarian October 05, 2008
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during sex when the bottom scratches the tops back from shoulder blades to the end of their back. this can resemble a pair of angel wings.
last night this girl gave me a nice pair of angel wings.
by orb bpm May 11, 2018
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1) Literal, Biblical; The wings of an angel.
2) Offensive, Slang; (Of a woman) Fat which gathers at the top of the arms, usually at the back so when she lifts her arms up, the flabbyness is revealed. Also known as 'Bingo Wings' for this reason.
1) Seraphim had angel wings.
2) Sarah had angel wings...
by Stuart Fletcher January 18, 2005
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Fucking a girl's shoulder blade fat, by squishing the two blades together, as in a titty fuck, while she's face down in the bed. Cream in a a feather shape to authenticate.
- "Do you know Betty Sue?"
- "Oh Ya, I Angel Winged that fat hoe last night at the local ice cream shop."
by phreak214 November 09, 2012
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To position the bottom edge of ones hands on either side of ones private region on top of the pelvic bone while moving ones hands back and forth. Most often done by males to gesture the "suck it", "eat me" or "fuck off" type of barb.
Tom's girlfriend Alice was bitching at him and he was in no mood to listen to her clatter so he turned a deaf ear to her and showed her his Angel Wings.
by ATLMK July 13, 2006
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To perform oral sex on a woman after another man has ejaculated inside her. The semen will run down the sides of your cheeks giving the appearance of angel wings.
Hey dude, thanks for doing my wife last night. I was able to get my angel wings after you were done.
by angel wingman July 04, 2010
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When a male takes an anorexic woman and lays her down facedown. He inserts his penis between her shoulder blades and starts thrusting
guy 1:Damn that chick has some angel wings.

guy 2: Yea I fucked those last night
by tape_of_doom January 01, 2008
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