" i gota fuck him again. He's got that goood. "
by BobbiFergie October 27, 2007
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you use this word when you want to end a conversation with someone
well That's GoOoD
by Cocobangerlanguage September 2, 2021
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n. an extreeeemely annoying individual, trained in the subtle art of ninja annoyance.

v. to annoy in said table way. For instance, making annoying munching or slurping noises during an attempt to eat.
'Oh noes! He's goooding me again! I am bound to spill my linguine now!'

by Eedom November 10, 2009
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This is a social weapon against situations when no one says anything.
In order to master this social weapon a one has to mention in everytime a one open its mouth

Lil Khan : ...
Filip : Im goooooood
Lil Khan : ?
Lil Khan : Did u do Boothman?
The God : IM goooood for suree
Lil Khan : Do u mean Im goood?
The God : IM gooooood
by Lil Khan January 15, 2020
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