Have you head LG’s new album it’s fuckin biblical
by RandomChicâ October 15, 2019
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A term used to describe something tremendously large, epic, or of intense proportion.
I'm going to put up so many Christmas lights, it's gonna be biblical.
by Jerffeyful December 30, 2011
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Something so amazingly epic that it must be referred to as biblical. The true equation being Epic X 1Gajillion = Biblical.
From the movie Law Abiding Citizen when being questioned about what will happen to the people responsible: "It's going to be biblical"
by TOPS90 October 17, 2009
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Malcolm, Give me back my bag or the consequences will be BIBLICAL
by Patricia and David February 27, 2004
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1.(a) Of or relating to the Bible.
(b)Opposite of true.
Me? Prejudiced against Christianity? That is so Biblical!
by Garface September 7, 2005
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To have a large penis
That guy is Biblical
by Stevoo123 October 31, 2006
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To engage in relations, or the act of being biblical, with a member of the opposite sex; fornicate; biblical; copulate; sex; intercourse; humpty-humpty; .
I want to biblicate with her, but she unfortunately has a boyfriend.

A house of worship is, by default, an impermissible venue for biblication.
by Prolixity December 3, 2007
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