Irish. meaning to hit/strike someone.
Some arsehole was slagging my girlfriend last night so I took him outside and clattered the shit out of him.
by dave November 23, 2005
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Northern Irish; meaning "group", or "a number of"
there was a clatter of boys standing about
by StuartK June 27, 2005
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dem bitches was makin serious clatter when we was sexin
by Cor Ie May 16, 2003
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This word has various meanings, it can mean to bang, both have sex and actually hit off someone ' i clattered into this young one last night '
It can also mean an unruly mob 'a clatter of young fella's'
It can also mean rough ' I clatter fucked that yoke last night'
It is also a type of divine burger ' pass me that clatter burger please'
I drank a clatter of beer then clattered into some lads after which I clatter fucked some bird and then we both ate some clatter burgers.
by Tony Zako February 5, 2007
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Very drunk
I was absolutly clattered last night
by Nutzhk September 20, 2003
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To have moderately disappointing to average sex
I clattered that girl Amy last night, enough said.
by Kinsy and The Roth October 18, 2011
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The yeasty white discharge formed by the vagina. Often found in discarded undies or on the penis after sex.
I was putting some washing in the washing machine when I noticed my wife's thong riddled with clatter fudge.
by R.NoonUK March 8, 2012
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