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The word "sick" is used primarily by teenagers and wannabees to mean "cool" or "fresh".
Sometimes is is said in a drawn out form for emphasis such as "s-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ick".
It can also be used in mock "coolness" when someone falls or attempts to do something amazing and sucks instead.
A sick whistle is the act of saying the work "sick" twice in a row very quickly in a male falsetto voice.
"Sick Sick"
A "riced-out" Honda Civic drove past a group of older males and was subjected to a chorus of mock "Sick Whistles."
by ATLMK July 13, 2006
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Same Definition as Chuckle Fuck.
Someone who continously laughs at their own jokes or is just completely idiotic.
<Bill stands by laughing at a lame joke he just told to a group of fellows>
Tim, the caustic "you better sound intelligent or I'm going to jam my foot up your ass" guy the group turns to him and says,"You stupid, bloody fuck chuck! Shut your gaping trap!"
by ATLMK July 13, 2006
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To position the bottom edge of ones hands on either side of ones private region on top of the pelvic bone while moving ones hands back and forth. Most often done by males to gesture the "suck it", "eat me" or "fuck off" type of barb.
Tom's girlfriend Alice was bitching at him and he was in no mood to listen to her clatter so he turned a deaf ear to her and showed her his Angel Wings.
by ATLMK July 13, 2006
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