Amys are smart people ,she may favor some of her friends and make people feel left out ,but she is a very fun person to be around. Amys are smart and have VERY neat handwriting. Amy's talk a lot and wear a lot of make up. Amy's are cool and has a dream job of becoming a DJ. Amy's are very talkative and love boys named that names start with J (Example Jack) B, D, and A.
Amy is a helicopter

Amy is weird

Amy is awesome

Amy is a bad watermelon

Amy is a grumpy dog😉
Amy is very smart
Amy got an 100 on her test...again
by ATrashyWeirdo June 18, 2017
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A fun rambunctious girl that likes to party all night long dancing no matter what condition.She's always late for things but she has the biggest heart towards others most of the time puting herself 2nd.Oh my and you can't forget her weird ass style. Everyone loves her though and never will forget Amy.
"Omg Amy let's go we're going to be late"
"Oh my lanta what are you wearing Amy"

"Amy is like the definition of crazy and loud"

"She's so pretty why can't I have her confidence"
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by Pumpkin15 May 30, 2017
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Amy... <3 what can I say about such an amazing human. She's SO funny and can make you laugh even in your darkest hours. From personal experiences, Amys are very switched on and always know when you're upset. She will comfort you, and listen to you, even if what your saying is absolute *blows raspberry*. It's funny how sometimes you wanna be alone and then an Amy texts you and suddenly being lazy isn't even in your dictionary. I wish there were more Amys in this world... we would all be truly blessed...
Lily is amazed by Amy every day...
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a girl that is a beauty to the eye, by the way she smile, laugh, talk and pretty much every single movement she does is as graceful as a ballet dancer. She is cunning, sexy, loving, kind, warm-hearted, caring and is the most perfect soulmate or girlfriend you would ever be able to meet in your life. So if you got a chance to meet one, keep her and you will live a happy life.
Woah, look at that new girl in school! Her name gotta be Amy cause shes grabbing my heart right now!
by igmyeong-ui May 20, 2017
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Amy is the type of girl who will show you love and will mainly be there for you. She is petite and cute . She doesn't get many boys, but she doesn't need them in her life she can get through being alone . Amy has a group of friends that she relies on and shows her love for them. When you first meet an Amy you may find her loud, annoying and pushy, but you just need to get to know her to realise how caring and funny she is.

Amy's are beautiful with a cheeky smile. She can be a bit loud and annoying at sometimes but don't dislike. You got to have an Amy in you life.
Guy: ' you know that girl Amy?'
Girl: ' yeah...?'
Guy: ' she's so annoying!'
Girl: ' hah, you don't know what your missing out on..!'
by Randommmmm123 December 15, 2017
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A beautiful girl with an amazing personality, and is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Her only flaw is knowing when to joke around - she will laugh at anything - and when to be serious. Amy’s usually have long brown hair and blue or green eyes, and are usually friends with sarah’s, ellen’s and hannah’s. Any person that ever meets her will be one of the luckiest people on earth
Someone: My cat died last night :(
Amy: Well that’s bit of a cat- astrophe

Someone: who is that beautiful girl?
Someone else: She must be an Amy
by doyoulikewaffles July 17, 2018
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Amy’s an extroverted girl although she doesn't think so. She has a strong sense of humour and everyone loves her kind nature. Beautiful curly brown hair and attentful eyes of blue and hazel. Amy loves to sing and make people enjoy their time together. Her love is like antidepressants but you're having fun regardless.
“What has got you so swooned son” heartthrob Amy, she makes me crazzy, I can't belate thee she has saved me, enterchange Riri I found my real baby.
by J1critique May 26, 2019
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