Amy is a girl that will fight until she's right, but still is kind hearted. She's the type of girl that doesn't think or relieve she's beautiful.
Boy: Hey there Amy
Amy: Hi

Boy: You look great today
Amy: Thanks, I guess ...
by The_Cool_grl March 31, 2018
Amy has a flawless skin. She IS beautiful inside and outside. Amy is polite and you can bring her to big events because she make a great first impression. When she smiles, people could not get there eyes off her. She tends to be cute which she hates. She also the cool kid in school but she would never believe it. All boys always has a little crush on her.

She is one those people who have multiple talents. She's so good with words that even the universe melt. She hustle in silence and always do things secretively that's why she is VERY hard to read. She have SO many friends but she is more likely to hang with her boys friends. She's the type of girl that you don't mind letting your boyfriend hang with her because she knows well the limit. Unfortunately, Amy is not the one who would stay as she always plan to leave. She worry what people think of her incase they don't like her. She always tries to be a better person for everyone.
"If i have a friend named Amy, I AM THE LUCKIEST"
by PseudonymButterJelly October 6, 2019
someone who is very beautiful and wants to help everyone around her she is loyal and usually has short brown hair light or dark brown eyes she freaks out if you look at her and looks away ask her if she is okay and she always says yes although she might not always be she likes someone that talks to her and writes things like this so her friends understand her.
wow she is so friendly and smart but kept to herself . She must be an amy
by That girl is me May 30, 2018
Amy is a beautiful girl inside and out. She will do anything for her family and friends. Amy is the most loyal,caring and trustworthy girlfriend/best friend you could ever meet. Amy has a bubbly personality, yet she won’t say when something’s bothering her as she likes to see others as happy as can be. Amy is very funny and unique. Once you meet an amy consider yourself lucky!
I wish I was friends with Amy!
by Jwkdboyy90 January 16, 2019
The most coolest girl ever with a rad sense of style
Girl #1: is that Amy?!
Girl #2: of course it's Amy have u seen her rad style!?
Girl #1: obviously !!
by coolio102837 January 13, 2018
A beautiful girl with an amazing personality, and is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Her only flaw is knowing when to joke around - she will laugh at anything - and when to be serious. Amy’s usually have long brown hair and blue or green eyes, and are usually friends with sarah’s, ellen’s and hannah’s. Any person that ever meets her will be one of the luckiest people on earth
Someone: My cat died last night :(
Amy: Well that’s bit of a cat- astrophe

Someone: who is that beautiful girl?
Someone else: She must be an Amy
by doyoulikewaffles July 17, 2018
Amy is a beautiful and attractive girl. She is a loyal and trusting friend who will always have your back. She is always happy and giggly. She is super intelligent and always does well at school. She will cheer you up when you are sad and is filled with rainbows and unicorns...
Jess: hey there's Amy!

Sam: she is so nice, I would love to be her friend.
by Wassupp_Queens April 1, 2018