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Amelia is a smart, loving, caring girl. When you first meet her she seems very shy but as you get to know her she becomes loud and confident. She likes to keep her most valuable secrets to herself. If you have an Amelia in your life don't let her go. She has a lot of things going on at home but tries to hide it when she's out. She is a great advice giver but scared to ask for advice. She is loyal. If you get on her bad side you'll regret it.
Popular Girl: Tell Amelia to back off!
Girl: You wouldn't want to get on her bad side
Popular Girl: I don't care!
by ThatAnnoyingPerson January 08, 2017
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Amelia is a gorgeous girl with the most beautiful smile in the whole world, she lights up a room and can be shy yet very outgoing. Crazy and wacky and can get a fiery temper. You will never find someone better than Amelia.
"damn that Amelia is stunning!"
by ameliac_15 December 30, 2016
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Amelia the sweetest person u'll meet she is always there for me nomater what I care about her so much even if we're not friends any more I love her with all my heart and I'll never give up on her and I screwd up all my chances with her becuse I'm an idot if u ever find someone like this girl don't be a fool like me -jay
Dear Amelia I hope u see this I really do
by lighterchaff42 July 01, 2017
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A shy and quiet girl when you first meet her, but crazy and awesome when you become close enough. If you are nice to her and give her no reason to distrust you…well, she'll trust you. But if you do something out of line to her or one of her friends, it will be very hard to gain her trust back. She doesn't like to be rude, but she will lash out at you if you say something mean to her, her family, or her friends. She usually is never in a bad mood and it's very hard to get her angry, but when she is, it is the scariest shit ever. She is a very reliable person and will keep promises, but she will also tell lies. Normally, she will not like to share things about herself unless you are one of her very close friends. She is a very good listener, and will always make you feel better. Amelia has a talent in arts, and has a beautiful voice. She doesn't like to look upset in front of others, so she usually keeps her problems to herself. With hair black as night and pretty brown eyes, Amelia is really a catch. However, she really isn't that into dating, so it would be difficult for her to accept you on a date. You would be really lucky if you had a friend/girlfriend like her.
Person 1: Hey, why is Amelia being so mean to that girl?
Person 2: They messed with her best friend, now they're really gonna it.
Person 1: *whistles* I wouldn't want to be them.
Person 2: *laughs* No one would.

New guy: Hey, you know that quiet girl over there? She's pretty, what's her name?
Classmate: Oh that? That's Amelia. She's really hard to get, so don't get your hopes up
by lalalahihihi2 November 06, 2013
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A girl, so amazing and beautiful, with the greatest personality imaginable. This girl consists of being fun, smart, adorable, cute, beautiful, lovable, etc. there is actually infinite positive characteristics referring to amelia. She is an amazing friend, the likes of which can help you through thick and thin, and a lover, one who the instant you see her, you know shes the one, and you can see the next hundred years of your life with her. Despite that, she has a charismatic attitude and personality that can lighten black clouds, cure psychopaths, heal sick people, bring the dead back, and change a life. She has a smile that can light up a pitch black room and one that could make a room full of depressed orphans happy again. God that is a bad metaphor but if she reads this, she will understand. She isnt one to let go of, and i wouldnt recommend ever doing so. If you have an amelia in your life, consider yourself the luckiest person alive. If you love one, you know what its like to live
Boy: i think i like amelia
2nd boy: no shit, how could you not?! Shes perfect.
by Spencekid August 25, 2013
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Amelia is the most amazing trust worthy friend and will always be there for you. She's generally one of the most loyal friends you will ever meet and you'll be super lucky to have her in your life. At the right times she can have a laugh - most of the time and she always understands her friends inside out.

I love Amelia.
You're such an Amelia!

Aw why?

Because I could trust you with my life :')
by choccychip July 31, 2013
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