Someone who goes to the gym and is stronger than most people. They don’t actually have any courage or skill at anything. Instead of actually socializing with people, they just keep working out hoping a girl will somehow magically appear in their life. They’ve never actually learned how to fight either, they think they can just bench press an opponent to death (which might actually work, not completely counting it out, but they’d probably lose to an mma fighter). Anyways, being a true alpha male takes a lot more than just lifting weights. Do you have people skills? Are you actually brave, or just strong? Can you outsmart people? Are you a leader or just a meathead? Sorry, but being strong doesn’t make you an alpha, it’s just one part of the mix of a lot of variables.
Person 1: “You know, I just have a super alpha male personality.”
Person 2: “Really? Cuz you live at your mom’s house and can’t pull a girlfriend. Maybe it’s time you go to college and get out of the comfort zone of your local 24 hour fitness.”
by stop playing cod and grow up November 15, 2019
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Many people beleive an Alpha Male is a man who is the leader of a pack, dominant, or an agressive male. Fuck these stone age definitions. I will define a true ALPHA MALE in modern society, simply in three parts:

1. A known statistic today is, for every 1 male who has sex there are 2 women having sex, the reason for this statistic is becuase alpha males are the ones who are having all sex, while Beta males sit on the side lines watch this happen.

2. Modern Alpha males dictate their own reality, Alpha's effortlessly change brain patterns of poeple around them,women and men around alpha's feel their strong character and charisma and naturally gravitate and follow thier leadership skills, this is why women beleive everything we say is knowledgable or humerous and subconsiously fall into our laps.

3. Alpha's are frequenlty being considered self-centered assholes. However this could not be further from the truth. We as Alpha males do not cater or sympathize to emtional garbage from insecure women and Beta males, that is not a part of our reality. We see situations in life as our personal stage and have full knowledge and understanding that we control the reality around us, there for the ladys will always have sex with us and the guys will always want to be us.
Becuase I am an Alpha Male I can make friends with lots of women and have sex with all of them and not one of the women would feel devalued or any less of a friend to me
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
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Those who are born feeling that the world just "isn't right" and it's their job to make it right. Will do anything to gain control of people and bend them to their will. Forces ideologies on all people, friend and foe, domestic and foreign.
Has no sense of reasoning except rationalization, which may you note is coming up with reasons after-the-fact. Completely and totally reactionary.
World renowned for creating illth (in place of wealth) and convincing people there is really wealth.
Usually identifiable by their ape-like complexion and ape-like actions. (They're a regressive force in evolution - things always flow both ways)
Stereotypically, what every marine wants to be.
The alpha maleseat first: the runts of the litter get whatever is left over.
by crowley unincarnate January 23, 2005
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A Male that is Alpha meaning that he is tall and will destroy betas.
wow danny davito is such a alpha male
wow logan paul is such a beta.

danny davito would destroy him fr fr.
by TTAlpha July 23, 2019
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"The leader of the pack, the one who feeds first, and an individual who is capable of flexing on anybody at anytime."

Quite often the alpha male of the group is an individual whom goes by Adam.

Additionally, individuals who partake in the "Kipen-Body-X" workouts generally prevail as the alpha male of the group.
Man grunts in the gym are a form of Alpha Male activity
by The Alpha Male of GR April 18, 2010
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The apex predator

Has never lost an arm wrestle
Can grow a six pack on demand
Jack is such an alpha male. I’ve heard he has a bear mat in his living room, it’s not dead it’s just too scared too move
by Rob3001 May 14, 2020
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An individual who has earned a PHD.
"Fuck you Logan I have a PHD so I am an alpha male!"
by PHD = Pretty Huge Dick November 5, 2020
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