1. The (male) leader of a pack, usually earned his place through instilling fear in others. The pack is usually smarter than the alpha male, but is more afraid to have him as an enemy than a friend. Through evolution, however, the original alpha male behavior is becoming different; what was once fear of the leader himself, has now become fear of whatever the alpha male considers a threat to him. Despite the rank or power the alpha male may achieve through his methods in society, it is still a primitive role to have, due to the selfish nature of his life. Rest assured, if the pack ever had the chance, they would probably remove his role from their society without hesitation.

2. The dudes that pick who they want on their shitty teams in gym class. Arch nemesis of the nerd-people.
1. President Bush is an alpha male, if you know what I mean.
2. Greg, the alpha male, picked Scott for his dodgeball team; everyone thinks it's because Scott is well-built, but really Greg is just a closet homosexual and will jerk off to a picture he has of Scott when he gets home. He will then watch Sex in the City and drink cranberry juice.
by Douglas Young September 23, 2007
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Like a real dictator, some megalomaniac who thinks he has some special right to run the show. Has only as much power as people give him in their minds. You choose to obey him, he has power. You choose not to, he has nothing.
An alpha male can be punched in the face with no penalty, because he has no real power.
by I wanna riot!!!!!!!! December 09, 2008
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One who leads the pack in a positive fashion
Nathan Buckley captain of the Collingwood Magpies in the AFL is a perfect example of an Alpha Male. Leads the so called Collingwood nuff nuffs with pride...Up the Mighty Magpies
by pieguy June 13, 2006
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The epitome of male class. Makes trashy little asshole frat daddies that treat women like shit look like absolute garbage. Loves his woman and his mother. Runs any party and knows how to keep it going 'till 4 in the morning. Despises saggy pants because "they make you look like an asshole". Can come off as obnoxious, but can be a proper young man when you get to the roots. Gives his woman the utmost respect and whatever she wants and needs. Treats his friends like family. Cigarettes? Too douche-y. The occasional cigar is classy enough for him, with a little Jack. Women are drawn to him while men admire him. Douchebags and anyone who treats women like dirt are jealous of him. He has longer relationships than 90% of frat daddies and would never lay his hands on a woman, especially his mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife. Famous alpha males include George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, James Dean, and Peter Evans.
DAMN! Dylan is a total alpha male. That is sexy.
by BabydollDame22 May 17, 2016
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When a person puts down another person in an attempted to keep a higher status in a certain activity/subject
Person 1: *acting funny*
Person 2: *Does something funnier*
Person 1: Dude whats wrong with you? Your such an idiot, dumbass douchebag, screw off.
Person 2: Don't Alpha Male me, you can't be the only one.
by TheMrTaco February 15, 2013
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The apex predator

Has never lost an arm wrestle
Can grow a six pack on demand
Jack is such an alpha male. I’ve heard he has a bear mat in his living room, it’s not dead it’s just too scared too move
by Rob3001 May 14, 2020
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