A tool that will do anything to be the center of attention and be the dominant male. A phony act insecure people put on.
A perfect example of an alpha male or (toolbag) would be Fonzzy on happy days.
by Miggity Matt April 11, 2008
The highest degree of asshole. Must not be confused with the opposite of asshole. If confused with the opposite of asshole, refer to pink panther ..... (gay) pink ..;)
Alpha males are the most interesting men in the world <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
by TheWomenWithA's April 21, 2020
An alpha male is, to put it in the most simplest way, powerful. That's it--the more powerful a male, the more of an alpha male he is. This power roots from his superior intelligence, as well as his superior physical stature.

People often associate the term "alpha male" with this sort of openly-overconfident male who is an outgoing extrovert. This isn't true. The allpha male would not have to rely on such socialising to attract people; the male who attracts people despite staying out of the spotlight and remaining silent is the real alpha male.
You're walking down the street and cross paths with a fairly muscular guy in dark clothes, looking down, right into your eyes so intimidatingly. He looks so quiet and reserved, yet so confident and definite. That guy was an alpha male and you probably now wanna get ravished by him in bed.
by IamMRAnonymous923 January 25, 2015
"Straight" guy that is frustrated about his secret love for men, so he shields his homosexuality by hating on women. He's not over five foot and goes to the gym every day to feel more empowered. Probably has mommy issues, which leads to his really big hatred for women, and "women belong in the kitchen" mindset. He loves hating on "betas" for respecting women, but he only does it because he really wants to be a top.
Person 1: Dude, this whole feminism thing is ruining women.
Person 2: What? So you're an alpha male or something?
Person 1: I guess you could call me that.
Person 2: You're gay, Brian.
by capricornhater69 September 4, 2021
One of the 10% of males who engages in 90% of the total fucking.
Pullin' skanks is easy for an Alpha Male such as myself!
by Nasty Nadz May 30, 2006
Someone who goes to the gym and is stronger than most people. They don’t actually have any courage or skill at anything. Instead of actually socializing with people, they just keep working out hoping a girl will somehow magically appear in their life. They’ve never actually learned how to fight either, they think they can just bench press an opponent to death (which might actually work, not completely counting it out, but they’d probably lose to an mma fighter). Anyways, being a true alpha male takes a lot more than just lifting weights. Do you have people skills? Are you actually brave, or just strong? Can you outsmart people? Are you a leader or just a meathead? Sorry, but being strong doesn’t make you an alpha, it’s just one part of the mix of a lot of variables.
Person 1: “You know, I just have a super alpha male personality.”
Person 2: “Really? Cuz you live at your mom’s house and can’t pull a girlfriend. Maybe it’s time you go to college and get out of the comfort zone of your local 24 hour fitness.”
by stop playing cod and grow up November 15, 2019