When some one tries to be cool by telling you something, but you don't give damn, that's what you say.
Looser kid: hey! I just prestiged in call of duty!
You: cool bro,

Random friend: you have no friends.
by !young beaner!! September 18, 2010
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The phrase of choice of a very loud Armenian male population, especially from Glendale, CA when they disapprove of anything not to thier satisfaction. Normally said in a very loud, booming voice with a rolling 'rrr'. This phrase is used mostly in driving situations where the all too perfect Armenian driving style has been disrupted in some way.
Shouting from his driver' side window - "Hey BRO! Not Cool Bro! Why you make lane change my lane when you KNOW I coming BRO!?? NOT COOL BRO!!".
by Glendale, California November 9, 2011
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What you sarcastically tell someone when they're saying something cool yet uninteresting. Abbreviation= TCB.
Cody was telling Susie a story and instead of telling him to keep going on she said that's cool bro instead of cool story bro.
by BroTime November 23, 2013
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A saying said to someone when you don't give a shit about the story they just told.
Person One: "(Tells extremely lengthy anecdote about his grandma knitting him a sweater)"
Person Two: Cool bro, story
by Tammy McShammerson May 2, 2010
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The coolest group ever (360 dabs everywhere). When in the group you will drown in pussy and become the gods of poo.
Edward : imagine not being in poo sex cool bro
Archie : only gays would do that
by THE AMERICAN GEEZA June 27, 2020
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Too Cool Bro (TCB) is a come back for Cool Story Bro (CSB)
You: (Just told a story or event that bores your friend)
Friend: Cool Story Bro (CSB)
You: Too Cool Bro (TCB)
by Hariras. T November 27, 2011
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