The Alpha Male does not have a specific "Image", or fall under a certain category and is not defined by looks, money, or arrogance rather the Alpha Male is defined as being an all around good guy but possessing the confidence and social know-how to be successful in epic proportions with woman but anything the Alpha Male sets his mind out to be. Yeah that's right you wanted to be an ultra marathoner astronaut anesthesiologist astrophysicist but your not Alpha Male mind set told you you couldn't do it so your a failure before you even start. The Alpha Male does not brag about his successes with woman, money, education, etc. at least not often because when he walks into the room everyone can quite literally feel his presence of awesomeness. It is not arrogance but genuine good. The Alpha Male can be anyone he wants without compromising a drop of his true character, the Alpha Male does not believe in "leagues" like you weak beta males...the Alpha Male is understanding, nice, social, and sometimes even caring and does not care if its perceived as "beta or weak" because if anyone were to challenge him he would socially castrate them from beta to omega...
Alpha Male: Yeah that pretty girl you saw in chemistry that you and your beta male friends all said were out of your "league" ("leagues" do not exist if your an Alpha male) and think no one but Bill Gates and Brad Pitt fused together could get, I asked her out and we had epic sex and she's begging for more except you'll never know because I don't care what you think...
by CTU_FieldAgent200 July 10, 2011
1) The leader of a group and/or a team. 2) Biggest arrogant bastard you'll ever meet.
by Lemuppet November 24, 2020
The try-hard of gender: masculine edition.

See also: dudebro, Nice Guy (tm), fukboi, asshole
by LizardWizard1 August 6, 2017
A masculine, physically strong, powerful, self-confident male who protects women and his family.
He wants to become an Alpha Male.
by luxerxyz September 8, 2022
“I got news for you, that means you’re gay.” Or maybe even bisexual!!!

See the omegaverse definition. HAPPY PRIDE !
Every (mainly female) fandom knows the alpha male is in reference to the $mut category known as the omegaverse.
by Themoreuknow!!! July 10, 2021
We can define this guy in a variety of ways...

1. The man with most COMPETITIVE sexual market value, usually in terms of sexual opportunities.

2. The man at the top of the male dominance hierarchy. This prototype of a man typically displays all of the conventional masculine traits that are considered toxic today. The hallmark of his persona is 'confidence'. The man that conduct himself with such class and possesses a swagger that attracts most women to him like a magnet; also he's usually calm when it comes pressure .

3. The man who FUCKS your wife and doesn't give a flyin fuck...

4.Exemplifies 'emotional excitement' and sexual pleasure to all women; not the one to really have long-term relationship with.

5. The man that JUST GETS IT!! Doesn't have to try that hard to acquire success as success naturally comes to him.

6. Who FEMINISTS say they disdain but 'secretly LOVES'...because he's able to fulfills their fantasies if you know what I mean.

7. A NARCISSIST without really choosing or wanting to be.. a 'Chad' or 'Tyrone'

8. One of the reasons why the MGTOW movements is so big and what most of the aspire to become.

9. An undercover gigolo..

10. What James Bonds, Bob Marley, P.Diddy, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt all are...
Example 1: The Alpha Male mindset is one that most men wished they'd mastered but can't seem to achieve.
by Philosophiee February 19, 2020
Another word for being a cool kid.
instead of uncool you are beta male and instead of cool you are alpha male.
Guy1: I eat my chickens raw:
Guy2: That's so cool bro!

Guy1: I eat my chickens raw.
Guy2: That's so alpha bro, you are da real alpha male!
by avjvel3jfi3fq3 September 8, 2016