some one who takes advantage of bad things on the internet or in real life
logan paul istupid
by jaycraftstudios01 March 12, 2018
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Gay shit who makes vids on dead humans and puts mustard up is ass and penis.
logan paul put a dildo up his ass last video he made.
by Nimnex October 20, 2018
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A spasticated Ohio prick who is so desperate for views, he laughs at a person who hung them self, then he decides to make a shit fake apology video, STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS THIS MAN IS CANCEROUS, he has escaped from a mental hospital and the FBI are looking for him!!! hes also abusive to dogs e.g smashes plates near them and one hear of his voice will make your ears bleed and if you listen to his music you will go deaf. This man used Ksi to get back into fame after a boxing match which clearly shows ksi winning but the retarded judges called it a fucking majority draw!!
person 1: "Do you know Logan Paul"
person 2: "what the guy that laughed at a dead man and recorded it for views"
person 1: "what sorry ive gone deaf from listening to help me help you"
by holliejns December 18, 2018
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