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Many people think a player is someone who lures in women by pretending they want a relationship or saying I LOVE YOU and then use them for sex and leave, but that is incorrect, However the true meaning of a player has three main principles

1. Alpha males who display dominence and charisma do not need to talk about love or relationships to get laid, women naturally gravitate and claw for our attention, we let the Beta males fill womens heads with emotional bull shit.

2. Player's have etablished personality triats that demonstrate sexual knowledge and experience, which women are naturally drawn to. Players don't have to lie or manipulate, women are intrigued by our natural perosonalities and sexual understaning

3. Player's never get emotionally involved, and have no problem pimpin multiple women in the same setting right infront of eachother, becuase this creates a battle among the women for your sexual attention.
No example, but all the rookie beta males leaving faggot defintions of a PLAYER go to hell please.
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
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Everybody knows neopolitan ice ceam (vanilla, strawberry, and choclate)

Well the neopolitan slam is similar to the strawberry shortcake, which is when you jiz in a bitches face then punch her in the nose so it creates a red and white mess on her face similar to a strawberry shortcake dessert

The Neopolitan Slam is one step further and a little more advanced of a manuver, you start with a cum shot on the left side of the face, create a bloody nose in the middle and then smear some shit on the right side of the face creating a perfect vanilla, strawberry, and choclate combination, this is not a move for the novice, its take great skill and experience to pull this move off.
Damn dude did you here what dave did last nite?
Nah WHat happend?
He hit some bitch with a neopolitan slam!!!
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
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Many people beleive an Alpha Male is a man who is the leader of a pack, dominant, or an agressive male. Fuck these stone age definitions. I will define a true ALPHA MALE in modern society, simply in three parts:

1. A known statistic today is, for every 1 male who has sex there are 2 women having sex, the reason for this statistic is becuase alpha males are the ones who are having all sex, while Beta males sit on the side lines watch this happen.

2. Modern Alpha males dictate their own reality, Alpha's effortlessly change brain patterns of poeple around them,women and men around alpha's feel their strong character and charisma and naturally gravitate and follow thier leadership skills, this is why women beleive everything we say is knowledgable or humerous and subconsiously fall into our laps.

3. Alpha's are frequenlty being considered self-centered assholes. However this could not be further from the truth. We as Alpha males do not cater or sympathize to emtional garbage from insecure women and Beta males, that is not a part of our reality. We see situations in life as our personal stage and have full knowledge and understanding that we control the reality around us, there for the ladys will always have sex with us and the guys will always want to be us.
Becuase I am an Alpha Male I can make friends with lots of women and have sex with all of them and not one of the women would feel devalued or any less of a friend to me
by Bank$$$ November 18, 2007
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