5 definitions by Mepman

Those semi-smart enemies from Super Mario Bros. The only

difference from Green Paratroopas is that they don't commit

suicide when reaching a cliff, they turn around..then jump around some more.
Bowser: Of course all our Green Paratroopas are dying, only the Red Paratroopas turn around!

Goomba: Sir, that's so stupid...

by Mepman January 11, 2011
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The black member of the al-Queda that is usually the prankster of the group.
Tortured Man writing in journal: "While the towelheads made threats to my life and family, the al-Roker sat there and made degrading and humorous comments about the size of my dick."
by Mepman February 17, 2012
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The best gun ever. A one-hit kill with every shot. If you have this gun, you will win, period.
Jimmy was 0-16 on the leaderboard, then he the Golden Gun, and his luck changed.

golden gun the man with the golden gun
by Mepman January 09, 2011
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To waterbaord, except with large amounts of coca-cola, considered a worse method of torture because coca cola gets very sticky afterwards.
Steve chose to get colaboarded instead of 5 years in prison, not the best of choices for his love life.
by Mepman February 17, 2012
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Something that just comes out your mouth when you're really screwed.
John: You know the final's tomorrow right?

Jon: Aw shit damn it!
by Mepman March 06, 2012
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