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verb: using the pee pee powerwasher (your penis) to powerwash the toilet bowl after someone drops plops leaving a streaky shitty toilet bowl.
At the party, Dave murdered a brown snake and left it in the toilet. Dan came in after, vomited in the toilet then flushed it down. However Dave's shit streaks were stuck on the bowl. So Dan whipped out his pee pee powerwasher and did some Pee Pee Powerwashing!
by RedDan69 March 17, 2011

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n. A term to describe a bowel movement, excrement, feces, poo, dump, etc...
"there are some leftovers in the toilet, someone should flush it down!"

"Chinese and Taco Bell leftovers are always the worst!"

"uh-oh, there's some leftovers in my undies..."
by RedDan69 October 04, 2013

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The act of smearing feces (your own or a friends) all over your ass cheeks until your white pasty butt now appears completely black. Then proceed to moon an unsuspecting person. The shit-covered ass appears at first glance to be not the typical full moon, but a dark new moon.

*If a person is truly creative, they can use varying amounts of poo to recreate all phases of the moon (New, waxing crescent 1st quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, 3rd quarter, waning crescent, and new)
a cop is sitting outside of Dunkin Donuts and looks up when a car driving by honks.

"hey copper, check this out!" the driver motions to the passenger in the back who put his shit covered ass out the window.

"Oh damn, Tell your black friend that he's gonna pay for that!"

"My friend isn't black, silly! You just got the Philadelphia New Moon!"

"Eww Gross!" the cop shakes his night stick angrily!
by RedDan69 April 04, 2011

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noun: A cute name for an exuberant homosexual male.
Tom: Let's go hang out at Jerry's place.

Anne: Who is Jerry?

Tom: He's a Flaming Butt Monkey!

Anne: Aww, how cute, I'll be there in 10.
by RedDan69 March 11, 2011

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n. A pair of pants that are too small for the owner, but had once been the correct size. The owner insists on keeping the pants and making it a goal to become the same size they once were and thus fit into the pants. After many failed attempts, the goal size may be attained. However two problems usually arise: the goal pants are out of style (usually 10 or more years old) OR the owner proudly wears the pants for a day or two and then celebrates by eating something fattening, like the baconator and their fit lifestyle fades away and they begin to relapse into the round, tubby, person they will always be.
my girlfriend says that she is gonna fit into these pants again (holds up some tiny ass pants)

Damn!!!!! they are tiny, when's the last time that beefy girl wore those?

When she was three!

Now thats some goal pants!
by RedDan69 February 08, 2011

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n. any area where little people are held against their will. It usually consists of 4 foot high fences and child proof locks. Can be located inside or outside.
Do you wanna stop by the Baby Playpen and feed the little people?

sure, I'll bring the Cheerios!
by RedDan69 January 26, 2011

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adj. Chlorine with a y at the end. Used to describe the scent, feel/burn, and taste of chlorine. Usually used in and around swimming pools.
tracy (while standing on the pool deck): Man my eyes are burning.

dan: yea this pool is extra chloriney today.
by RedDan69 February 08, 2011

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