He is sweet and incredibly talented. One of the best people you’ll ever meet. A bit of a jokester too.
by Artist4TW December 3, 2017
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Possibly of Turkish origin meaning "white falcon" and a fairly common Hungarian boys name
Akos Kovács (singer), Akos Buzsáky (soccer player), Akos Ráthonyi (director), Akos Elek (soccer player), Akos Vereckei ( sprint canoer)
by Sego December 16, 2013
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The best person you will ever meet in your entire life! He is very smart and handsome but people often envy him and go to high measures to bring him down but ultimately he will rise up against them
Stranger: Yo Ako
Ako: What
Stranger: Can I have you autograph ?
Ako: Sure
Stranger: Thanks your the best!
by The Truth and Nothing but The December 31, 2013
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very nice cool person, definitely one of the hottest people you will ever meet! ;)
girl 1: OMG! he is so hot!!
girl 2: his name must be ako!!!
by then1c3guy July 14, 2021
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A faggot......With a small dick. Nothing more, nothing less.
-Yo Ako!-
-Yeah what up dude?-
-You got a small cock?-
by True Blue POO September 28, 2010
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A beautiful angelic being who is always optimistic no matter the situation. Her laughter brings joy to those surrounding her. Although she may not have a perfect figure, her facial features is a beautiful masterpiece. Ako is Analytical, Kind hearted and Optimistic.
Friend 1: hahaha
Friend 2: Why are you laughing?
Friend 1: Have you heard Ako's laugh?
Friend 2: No. Why?
Friend 1: You need to hear it, its just too beautiful.
by belle07 October 4, 2018
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Boy:"So how did you like last night?"
Girl:"It was okay but I could barely feel your ako."
by Maximus Ako May 11, 2015
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