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A sexual act wherein a male ejaculates on a female or male whilst the ejaculatee is jumping. The main objective of the "move" is to hit the ejaculatee with the ejaculate whilst the ejaculatee is in midair.
"That bitch tried to jump out the window before I could bust my nut, so I White Falcon'd her in midair."

"Damn, yo."
by Justin Herbert January 05, 2008
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Sexiest man on the earth. A straight stud that gets bitches. Unbelievable at baseball and has an unbelievable ass aka cake. Known too vamp (vampin) and receive neck. Also known for his huge muscles and his good looks. A white falcon is a stud and soars thru life.
Yo, you see white falcon hitting, he's mad good.

Dude, I saw white falcon soar into your moms bed the other day.

Nigga, my boy white falcon be coming at your neck, making u feel some type a way.
by Hdsasd July 04, 2014
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