A person who lacks street smarts/common sense. Forgetful, ditzy, or absent minded. Often used as a characteristic for a stereotypical blonde. It is important not to link airhead to stupid. It is possible to be airheaded yet have book smarts.
The car battery is dead because she left her headlights on again, what an airhead.
by cupk8 April 16, 2018
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Absent-minded, stupid, nothing up top, does simple tasks incorrectly, forgetful, oblivious to every day procedures
You're such an airhead
by SS-man November 25, 2007
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1. Silly, Ditzy, and Dumb. Used as a mild insult.

2. A user of marijuana.
1. Danielle was an airhead, talking to her was like talking to a brick wall.

2. Dean was an airhead, he enjoyed smoking weed.
by OneBadAsp October 21, 2006
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A word mainly used a woman who is a total ditz, and get by soley due to the fact that they're hot. Airheads are usually full of themself, obsesed with clothing & makeup, and are just plain dumb. They kill the words "like" and "totally", because those are like, totally every other word they, like, use.
My ex girlfriend is such an airhead, she bought $2000 worth of cloths on her credit card because she didn't know you still had to pay for it later.
by fuckyeeah October 17, 2009
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Imagine the dumbest person you know. Multiply by 4, there's your airhead.
Tim: So, Cassie, want to go grab some dinner?
Cassie: Why would we grab our dinner? I want to eat mine.
Tim: what an airhead.
by Loveandchocolate May 28, 2015
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A silly, clueless and stupid person, sometimes also related to the ignorance.
"Jane, I am not going to your meetings with the same airheads of always anymore!"
by CookieForgottenInOven March 7, 2015
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Someone who is basically stupid, brainless and ditzy and is not even worthy to be called bimbo because she ain't got the looks.
Ris Low. She embodies the term airhead so well.
by veeekay07 April 1, 2010
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