An airheaded person who makes a constant effort to mispronounce and coin nonsensical words, like boomz and shingz.
Example 1:

Hi I'm Ris Low...currently i majoring in my... diploma in health size, And, hospitaterility and travetourism. Right now I'm studying steel.

Well, I define my style as my own persnenelety. I go by my moot. If I filling naughty diao wear someting RAT.and-LAO. know???

something and shouts ME! the very thing that i worn... is a piss of bigini and just gins and strut down orched rod.
I rrrr know because I don't really care. It's about ME. So...the fashion is...the fashion sense about me, so...Yarr everthing about... how i si ma sell.
I guess that's my strategger... becuz. Everybodies unique. Everybodies... YAH.

Yes...I'm a HUGE fan of south africa!
I Love Safari.
I Love Leopard Preens.
You know? zipbra
Yeow, sort of thing?

Not...not. You can wear leopard preens with dark gins. Is alright. You know? Neutral colours and...umm...Car key? car key can pull it off with leopard preens and zipbra preens, Ya!

Thats how i liked them...

Example 2:
Hey, can you please upgrade your English standard? Don't be a Ris Low!

Example 3:
I saw Ris Low trying to sell her new ris-tionary.
It's no wonder, she's so Ris.
by Gurizin January 17, 2010
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