sweet ass movie with sweet ppl, cool music, and the best insults
i love airheads
by rhcpgod August 14, 2003
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A airhead has no brain cells, they usually respond slow to questions and huff on balloon helium
Eddy and Anthony are turning into airheads they need to leave that helium alone it's cutting off oxygen to the brain
by Murda Merk February 24, 2016
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Similar to an air-jerk. A motion done with the hand simulating a blow job. The up and down movement associated with pushing someone’s head up and down while receiving oral sex. This motion can be used when you are on the phone with someone and feeding them lines of BS.
Sales Rep: My company can offer you an extended guarentee, the lowest rates around, and exceptional customer service.

Client: That sounds great, how do I sign up?

Sales Rep: (motioning an airhead). I'll be there with the contract tomorrow.
by sarastar August 17, 2009
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the worst insult ever...if you are called this, you might as well kill yourself...because your an airhead
wow...what an airhead
by joe October 31, 2003
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THe girls is a airhead because she sokes all the time
by crackwhore March 29, 2005
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people who insist eating ground beef despite what they know about mad cow
the airheads waited in vain for a cure
by jett January 17, 2004
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airheads are people into hard rock! knows how to party and have a good time! listens to bands such as megadeth, AC/DC etc
airheads : get the guitar n lets rock dude!!! *begins to head bang*
by Poko September 4, 2005
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