An exclamation made just before giving a high five to someone to signify the high five that is coming.
Anthony: So then I told George that I was the one who egged his house last weekend!

Lucas: Up top!

(High five occurs)
by Aivalleb September 29, 2009
1) To be incarcerated in prison (usually an upstate prison)
2) Used in reference anything that lies more north geographically
"I paid for that- 10 years up top not seven month shock, walked the yard with bloods, took the bus with cuz, went gun for gun- i earned my love" - Shyne (For the Record)

youngn: "What ever happened to that dude who shot Poppi?"
OG: "Blood, that niggaz lucky he's doin 20years up top, otherwise his body would be dumped in the river"

Killa from up north: "Yo when you comin back up top?"
Hustla: "I'm layin low in Atlanta till that heat blow over, ya heard?"
by netstryke September 19, 2005
The striker/forward position in association football

"Messi doesn't really play up top. He picks up the ball from midfield and starts many of Barcelona's attacks"

A: "Where do you play, Jimmy?" B: "I play up top"

"Stick him up top"
by MWYW March 5, 2018
this is the phrase used by bogeymen in the film fungus the bogeyman to describe where the human aka dry cleaners live.
momma bogeyman: mould isn't old enough to go up top! its against the law!
by infection,scab+wart July 27, 2009
when a guy get oral sex from a female
she asked me if i want to have sex with her,i replied no,i just want some up top.
by domino66 November 20, 2010
East Orange, New Jersey. To smack the isht out of someone or, to beat that ass.
"i hate when people be talkin to me all crazy & sh*t, so I had to go up top on him..."

You can also "take" someone up top...

"i hate when people be talkin to me all crazy & sh*t, so I had take him up top..."
by red rocks March 15, 2005